Chinese Investors Are Leaving Silicon Valley Because of Trump’s New Regulation

Chinese Investors Are Leaving Silicon Valley Because of Trump's New Regulation

When it comes to making a business deal with China the president, Donald Trump has always seen to be serious about it. However, because of such things, the relationship between Chinese investors and American startups always been a matter of controversy. The latest report says that the Chinese investors are fleeing from silicon valley after Trump administration has decided to put strong regulations on foreign investors. A few days ago Trump administration decided to bring a bee regulation which is going to stop the foreign investment in US business industry, and every foreign investor is going to get scrutinized for the amount of investment they have done in the US. It seems like such new norms are have made Chinese investors worried and the report says many investors and founders working in silicon valley are leaving this place before the getting scrutinized.

In silicon valley, there are many startups in which Chinese investors have put a lot of money, and the historical report says that in last year more than $3 billion were invested. When it comes to foreign investment, every government tries to regulate it before it gets too much late because indirectly many foreign investors have a significant influence on tech startups in the USA and Trump administration wants to stop it. The deals which were signed before this new regulation came are seen to be left in midway by the Chinese investors since many of them are worried about the scrutiny. Because of this new regulation, the Chinese investment in silicon valley has slowed down and so far more than 35 industries are affected because of it.

According to Donald Trump, such kind of regulation is very necessary to protect the business industry and interest of domestic investors. Many experts believe such type of norms is not good for the country, but Trump seems to be in no mood to answer such people.

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