The Addiction of E-Cigarette In Teens Is Creating A Huge Health Problem In The USA

E-Cigarette In Teens

American teens are right now suffering from significant health issues, and according to the health department of the USA, it’s because of the addition of e-cigarette. According to the report the number of high school students who use vaping has reached an abnormal percentage which is a concerning thing for the whole nation. The report says that from December 2017 to 2018 the number of teens who use vaping devices has raised by more than 78 percent which shows how much strong addition of electronic cigarette is among US teens. There are some e-cigarette making companies which are trying to get the benefit of US teens, and they are selling various vaping products which they claim to be not harmful to such young people. There are some states in the USA which have got mostly affected because of this vaping products.

In Wisconsin, the use of e-cigarette and related products have increased by 158 percent from last four years. The state’s health department has issued a report also regarding such kind of addiction in between teens and said they are going to take significant steps to stop this situation. In Wisconsin the use of e-cigarette has reached an abnormal rate and if we look at the data which shows that one out of five high students in Wisconsin is using e-cigarette and related products. Situations like this have now have made it clear that the health problems in the US are getting more severe and experts are expecting some strict regulations on using vaping products.

However, using such kind of vaping product is negatively impacting on those who consume it and surrounded people due to which surrounding people are also having health issues. The US government will have to take significant decisions to stop the stop the addiction to vaping; otherwise, it will create a severe health problem in the future.

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