Airbus to Stop Production of A380 Airplanes by 2021

Airbus A380

Airplane manufacturer Airbus is ready to cease the production of their biggest airliner Airbus A380. The Airbus A380 becomes the first company to manufacture big sized airplane that can hold more than enough passengers and had excellent safety features. Airbus designed and built this with the vision to accommodate more passengers and reduce the strain on airline stress. The company announced that they would cease the production of this aircraft by 2021. The total number of planes built by the company till 2021 would be 250 only, in which 237 are delivered to the clients.

At first, the company aimed at manufacturing more than 1,500 units of this giant airliner. But due to the large size and impracticability as the unavailability of the airports to land, Airline companied declined the most significant aircraft in the world. This is forcing the company to cease the production of the same in the coming two years. Also, the halt of production means that the company will never be able to recover the $4 billion that they’ve spent before the start of production in design and Research and Development purpose.

The Airbus A380 aircraft is suitable for long-haul flights bu the unavailability of the wide-runway airports around the world was the main roadblock. The competitor Boeing’s Dreamliner aircraft was more significant but significantly smaller than the A380 captured the market as it was able to land on any airports with international standards. Also, the operating costs for the Airbus A380 are so high that only high-end airliners can afford the same. One major buyer of this airplane was Emirates Airlines, which have a massive fleet of these planets transporting people from one place to another. But, with the enormous amount of daily travelers, the Emirates is affording the operating costs but not the other companies.

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