Doing Exercise In Middle Age And Maintaining It Helps To Live Longer

Doing Exercise In Middle Age And Maintaining It Helps To Live Longer

People always want to live a healthy and better life because no one would want to get diagnosed with any disease. Living a longer life is highly connected with how are you taking care of your health. In a recent health study, it’s been found that the more time you spend exercising, longer you would live. Researchers from the UK did a health study in which they found that exercising in middle age and maintaining it regularly might add many years to your life. Exercising in the middle age is one of the most beneficial things for people. There is a health study which shows that physical activities are connected with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Doing physical activity regularly has helped people to reduce the risk of getting a heart attack or heart-related illnesses. In this study, which is done by UK researchers, more than 14000 men and women were studied. All of these participants aged in between 40-80 years and their exercise, diet, body mass index was considered. It’s concluded that all those who did exercise continuously since middle age has lowered 29% chance of dying from cardiovascular disease. Also, it reduced more than a 24% chance of dying from any casual cause.

It shows the linkage of living a longer life with exercising daily from middle age. There are many health studies which depict the importance of doing exercise. World health organization recently said that a person should do at least 150 minutes of weekly exercise. One of the lead researchers of this study noted that everybody benefited from doing some physical activities. Even though it’s not necessary to do the extreme type of exercise to lower the chances of getting heart-related diseases. Even simple exercise like aerobic can also make lots of difference.

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