Again a Latest Study Reveals that Vitamin Supplements are Useless

Vitamin Supplements

The latest meta-analysis consisting review of over 100 different continuous controlled trials discovered that vitamin D, multivitamins, vitamin C, and calcium displayed no benefits against the prevention of the cardio vascular disease, stroke, heart attack, or premature death but they did find benefits for Vitamin-B in preventing stroke. Despite having flagrant issues with the regarding the analysis, and positive findings towards the benefits of the supplements, the media is bursting with headlines like another study again says Vitamin supplements have no worth. This reporting verifies the fondness of media in twisting the facts that fit a specific narrative regarding the supplements; among them, one benefits drug companies, which spend almost billions on ads per year.

CNN reports that findings of meta-analysis state that vitamin D doesn’t prevent falls, fractures, or improve the mineral density of bones irrespective of low or high dose, as told by the Mark J. Bolland; the lead author of Auckland University, and even added that the clinical guideline should have a change for reflecting these findings. As per BBC reports; Vitamin D helps in regulating the amount of phosphate and calcium in human bodies. Most of the vitamin D comes from sunlight exposure. Healthcare providers have providers always recommended people to take vitamin D supplements for several reasons like; enhancing bone density among older people to ensure adequate intake of vitamin D during winter months and fall.

The study that was led by researchers at the “St. Michael Hospital and the University of Toronto”; published in the American College of Cardiology Journal- revealed that they were surprised to see positive effects on the most popular supplements consumed by people, as stated by Dr. David Jenkins-the lead author of this study. It found that vitamin D supplements could be used for curing rare cases such as; osteomalacia and rickets. CNN notes that not everyone got convinced by the fact that supplementation of vitamin D is worthless. However, Dr, Jenkins says that people should be aware of these findings of using supplements and ensure that they are prescribed to the specific vitamin by their health care provider.

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