Tesla Leaks Code Hints At Model 3 Getting 100kWh Battery And Ludicrous Mode


Tesla’s Model 3 might have features liked 100 kWh battery and Ludicrous mode. According to a hacker, which managed to have root access to the company’s software, there are several features in recent Tesla software updates. The hacker is known as Green and has done it several times. But he reduced his leaks over the last couple of months and focused mainly on cool visualizations of what the California-based company’s Autopilot can see. However, he is back at it and has released several interesting information updated recently in Tesla’s software. The code sleuth has found several potential improvements to Model 3.

There are several relatively small but noticeable changes that the ‘entry’ EV is expected to get. One of the most significant updates is that Tesla is replacing its traditional TMPS sensors with their own BLE sensors. Green has discovered code suggesting Ludicrous Mode reaching to Model 3 that can provide extra-quick launches. It also found some hints about new wheel options. It hints to a likely ‘base plus AWD’ trim level, including dark staggered 20-inch stiletto wheels. Green has found a reference to a bigger battery, the biggest for Model 3 pack. Currently, the vehicle has a 75 kWh battery.

There are several reasons to believe that Tesla would go far a 100kWh battery for its Model 3. This is because the company has already announced that its upcoming Roadster will sport a 200kWh battery. Roadster can offer a 620-mile range on a full charge. However, there is no guarantee that Tesla is going to implement all these things as it is known for adding and cutting features according to its sales. So things that seem to be in the pipeline could be axed in the future. Considering this, we can see soon see a 100kWh battery into the smaller vehicles like Model 3. Model 3 is apparently by far Tesla’s most popular car. A larger battery would help Tesla in sustaining the interest customers who are willing to pay a higher premium for a smaller vehicle.

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