Twitter Released Updates To Fix Serious Security Vulnerability In Its Android App


Microblogging site Twitter has fixed serious security vulnerability in its Android app. The company said a malicious might have been inserted by someone unknown. The vulnerability affected users worldwide by compromising data. Reports said the vulnerability might have allowed access to private data and even control of sending tweets and direct messages. Twitter in a statement said it has released an update to fix the gap. The update prevents users’ information by blocking the suspected malware. Twitter asked users to update the app as early as possible to keep their accounts safe and secure. The company didn’t reveal the number of accounts affected by the latest bug.

Twitter said though it didn’t find direct evidence about the malicious code, it can’t take the risk. It said Android app users may be facing the risk of expose. Accessing messages, protected Tweets, location information of users are most easy through such vulnerability. According to California headquartered social networking site, it has released a new update in order to block the suspected malware. Twitter added it is directly notifying users exposed to the vulnerability about the update. It is sending alerts to users via its app and email. The communication carries specific information on keeping them secure and regrets that it happened.

Twitter said it will continue working in accordance with standard industry practice to keep information secure on its platform. The company said it was alerted about the vulnerability by users who spotted warning pop-ups from Google. The pop-ups alerted about a data breach on its app and site. The warning from Google came after the internet giant fixed the Chrome 79 bug. Twitter said only Android app users were affected. The iOS app users were not at the risk losing data. Twitter in May this year reported a bug that shared iOS users’ data with an unnamed character. Prior to that, Twitter confirmed a bug in its Android app that exposed private tweets to unidentified characters for over five years.

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