WhatsApp Introduces New Sticker Pack Vaccines for All As Pandemic Enters New Phase


Instant messaging app WhatsApp sticker packs are incredibly popular. Stickers open a new dimension to express emotions. The Facebook-owned chat service has now come up with a new sticker pack. It is linked to Covid-19 vaccines. The new sticker pack is called Vaccines for All. It has been introduced in association with the UN agency World Health Organization. WhatsApp said that objective is to offer some fun to people amid the pandemic. Stickers will allow the users to connect and engage with their loved ones more pleasantly. Users can express their joy about the availability of Covid-19 vaccines through stickers. The sticker pack is also seen as a token of appreciation from WhatsApp for the healthcare officials.

WhatsApp statement said that it has partnered with as many as 150 governments on national, state, and local levels to help people connect. It even partnered with organizations like WHO and UNICEF to provide its users with accurate information related to the pandemic and helplines. According to WhatsApp, there are more than two billion users who use its services to send and receive messages worldwide. It said that more than three billion messages have been exchanged by its users across the Covid-19 global helplines in last year. WhatsApp said that the partnered governments are using the Covid-19 helplines to connect with citizens as infection enters into a new phase.

The company said that governments are connecting with people privately using these helplines. They can share accurate information related to registration for vaccination and other details. WhatsApp said that the company wants to help the governments and organizations to connect maximum people for vaccination. WhatsApp has also waived fees that it charged for sending messages using the Business API. WhatsApp users will have to download the sticker pack to start sending stickers. Vaccines for All sticker pack is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The new sticker pack is similar to the Together at Home sticker pack that was launched by WhatsApp in 2020 during the lockdown.

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