Netflix Adds Apple’s Spatial Audio Support On iPhone And iPad

Spatial Audio

Netflix watching is about to get more immersive for those who are using AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. Netflix has confirmed that it is rolling out support for Apple’s spatial audio feature on iPhone and iPad. It will use directional audio filters to enhance the experience of users. The feature is currently being made available on iPhone and iPad on iOS 14. The feature helps in placing the audio in surround channels exactly in the right spot. This will let users get the surround sound experience as intended even if they move their device or turn their head.

The feature is not of much use for iOS 15 as it already offers a new Spatialize Stereo option. This feature is said to simulate the Spatial Audio experience. And it works well even for non-Dolby Atmos content as well. Thus AirPods Pro and AirPods Max users can have this experience pretty much for any video content or song. In order to use the feature, users must have an updated version of the app. So users who are unable to see this option in the Netflix app need to update it at the earliest. As the company has said that the rollout would be slow, users will have to keep an eye on it over the coming weeks.

Netflix is the latest to join the list of streaming app that is providing this feature. Its competitors like Disney+, HBO Max, and Peacock are already offering this feature. On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube still have no such functionality. Apple has been recently emphasizing this feature. The tech giant had announced its plans to bring the spatial audio feature to AirPods Pro in the year 2020. It had also said that users having the Apple Music subscription would gain access to the feature at no extra charge. It is pertinent to mention that the Android version of the Apple Music app also supports this feature.

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