Sony and Netflix Collide to Introduce calibrated Mode to Sony’s Televisions

Sony and Netflix calibrated Mode

Lately, Sony announced that it had shaken hands with Netflix for delivering a new, and a superior view mode on the forthcoming TV models of Sony BRAVIA known as the Netflix calibrated Mode. This new viewing mode is going to be simply exclusive to the BRAVIA model AF9 OLED and the LCD ZF9 models and is equipped to propose a preserved image quality experience similar to what it has offered at cinemas. A press release that was sent out, Sony told that the owners of these pre-mentioned models will be capable to select the new mode just with a simple click and it will come along with integrated quality to NETFLIX viewing that hasn’t been witnessed before.

However, those movie nights are all geared up now after this teaming up of Netflix and Sony, thanks to the collaboration that will be offering possibly the best quality viewing experience. The LCD 29F and OLED A9F TVs will be bringing back the ultimate picture processor, which will power the X-Motion Clarity feature of the Company. Netflix users can now make use of a new “Netflix-Calibrated” image mode, keeping in mind about the Sony TV, specifically. It’s a new feature developed by the quality and device experts of Sony in collaboration with the color scientists of Netflix. These TVs will be obtainable in sizes starting from 55 inches to 75 inches depending on the chosen model, like the rest of the lineup of Bravia, and these TVs will be running on the Android platform.

Netflix states that with the help of just one setting, their members can view the TV shows, documentaries, and films on the Netflix as they generally used to view, with accurate dynamic contrast, enhanced colors, and true motion. Although, as Netflix marks, it seems that this only has been limited to the Sony TV models only as of now. There’s no such news about Netflix’s plan on extending this feature or something identical to other television brands. But for the time being, only Netflix that too those owning a compatible Sony TV will only get the joy to experience this new feature.

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