Infectious Micro-Organisms found on International Space Station, NASA Announces

Infectious Micro-Organisms

The NASA has announced that the  International Space Station is infested with the Infectious bacteria, that is commonly found in the hospitals on the earth. According to the NASA, the flight crew noticed the existence of the infectious bacteria on the surface of International Space Station while it is orbiting the planet in Outer space. The NASA has found the five varieties of the Enterobacter, which is the bacteria that is commonly found in the Hospitals on the earth. There is no information about how the bacteria have reached the outer space and landed on the Space Station that is orbiting the Sun.

According to the NASA, there is a 79 percent chance of the bacteria entering inside the Space Station and making Astronauts sick with the diseases. As the Astronauts are in the Space vacuum outside the environment of the earth, their immune system is prone to virus and bacterial attacks, leaving them vulnerable to this Enterobacter. If the bacteria are drug-resistant due to unknown reasons, then the astronauts may contract diseases after coming in contact with the same. The team at NASA jet propulsion laboratory is taking preventive measures by researching the effects of Microorganisms outside the environment.

Even though the NASA is worried about this EnteroBacter, the scientists are relaxed about this matter. The Author and scientists Dr.Nitin Singh said that it is essential to know if the bacteria is active or not as the active bacteria are harmful to human life. Also, Dr. Kasthuri Venkateswaran, who works at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory said that most of the adults are immune to these bacterias as three of the five identified bacterias are responsible for the diseases in Infants and not in adult humans. With this news, scientists and microbiologists have a new task of understanding the risk of microorganisms outside the earth environment.

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