Researchers Found Supporting A Winning Team Might Boost Up Your Confidence

Boost Up Your Confidence

We all like to watch sports especially those matches where we can’t sit at one place because of the high intensity of a game. People cheer for their favorite team whenever someone goals also they start to use abusing language when their team starts to perform poorly. According to a new health study, sports fans might get boost up in their confidence after their team wins the game and this confidence might last for a couple of days. In a study conducted by researchers, they observed more than 184 students during Ohio state and Michigan state’s football match which happened in November 2015. Before the result of a game come out researches asked all the fans about how they’re feeling and every one of them felt confident and happy. However, Michigan students after the result of match felt more confident and happy since their team successfully beat Ohio state’s football team.

According to researchers winning team’s supporters seemed to be in good mood as compared to losing team’s supporters. However, researchers found that those Michigan students who didn’t watch the match had no such type of confidence and enthusiasm. Sometimes people who are going through a bad phase might get a good feeling when they see their favorite team is winning the match. Watching sports has always been considered as most beneficial from mental health’s point of view. Researchers said that it doesn’t matter that much whether your team is winning or not because what matters the most is you’re with your friends.

Those people who spend time watching a match with their friends are most likely to feel better than those who spend most of their time alone doing unproductive things. Sometimes a joy of sharing happiness with friends can make a person more happy than anything else in the world.

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