Concierge Medical Practice is Increasing

Concierge Medical Practice

Concierge medicine is the remedy for a rising number of primary care medical practitioners capable of practicing the highest quality medical care. This trend seems to boost up further. The field of primary medical is changing with time but not necessarily all for betterment considering the financial pressure. For instance, the ability to develop long-term relationships with their patient by primary care physicians is not an easy job at all, and to be precise sometimes impossible. This is indicating a dramatic shift in the way several individuals are accessing a high-end medical care. Over the past decade the medical industry has changed massively. The use of the technological and pharmaceutical creations, electronic record-keeping and sky-rocketing insurance costs have emerged and changed the outlook of the medial care experience.

One specific platform of healthcare that is taking birth and gaining attention is the “concierge medicine”, a retainer-based, relationship between a doctor and a patient having, any perks. Few consider it as business model gaining traction because of the “Affordable Care Act” that insured ten million people previously magnified and uninsured the shortage of doctor in the Concierge medicine in the U.S., and that it might be the answer for those who are not willing to wait for several months for a ten minute appointment. Whatsoever, if one isn’t still aware of what “Concierge Medicine” proposes, it is beneficial for both the doctor and patients.

It serves unlimited access with the doctor, along with appointment on the same day or day after. It offers in-office longer appointment times. Most of the services of in-office are covered by the retainer. It further offers additional benefits such as; vaccinations, x-rays, and also extensive testing that may be covered by the retainer, or been either performed on cash-base or is billed to insurance if not covered. Furthermore, detailed annual exams for creating a personalized plan on wellness. All of these hold for patients. On the doctor’s side; less burnout risk with patients load in the hundreds rather than thousands. Focus on the prevention and wellness, and much more. Concierge Medicine is the solution with the rising number of primary care physicians providing top quality medical care.

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