Xbox One S Discontinued: What Does that Mean for Future Owners

Xbox One

Microsoft just confirmed that the Xbox One S will be discontinued at the end 2020. It was previously stated that the Xbox One S was no longer manufactured.

Microsoft announced that the Xbox One X/S was coming soon and that it would discontinue the Xbox One X. The all-digital Xbox One S will be discontinued. However, the Xbox One S standard version (with the disc drive), will remain in production.

Cindy Walker, the senior director of Xbox console marketing, told that she had stopped production for all Xbox One consoles in order to “focus on the production of Xbox Series X / S”,

Now, retailers can sell any remaining Xbox One X/S stock. Their sale will be limited to second-hand shops and auction sites.

The confirmation that the Xbox One line is no more in production comes a day after Sony apparently decided to keep manufacturing the PlayStation 4 due to a shortage of PS5s. Instead of ending production of the PS4 in late 2017 or 2022, the company decided to increase its output to meet demand from gamers who couldn’t afford a current-generation machine.

Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 are currently out of stock at most retailers. However, Microsoft’s smaller Xbox Series S is much easier to find. The Xbox Series S has outperformed Xbox Series X in several key markets, with an estimated 50/50 split of major territories’ install bases.

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox explained why the Xbox Series S is more popular. “We can actually build more Series S [chips] within the same [chip] space as we can with the Series X,” he stated. Microsoft claims that the Xbox Series X/S consoles are selling faster than any other generation.

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