Some Seizures May Trigger Memory Loss, New Study Claims


According to the study, seizures might prompt certain neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s disease. Digital medicine helps in detecting memory loss. The main cause of Alzheimer’s disease is beta-amyloid plaques that go on developing gradually and triggers the brain to lose memory. Production of beta-amyloid plaques gives a secondary product that makes neurons excited. This excitement might sometimes lead to miscarrying of neurons. Finally, it leads to seizures, and an individual’s brain loses its capacity to remember things.

Scientists at Baylor College of Medicine investigated about this disorder by developing an animal model for carrying out certain tests. This paved a path to develop different treatments and therapies for curing memory loss. They tested deltaFosB protein in rodents. After conducting image analysis, they found increased in the concentration of deltaFosB in the hippocampus region of rodent’s brain. Research findings give us an idea about how this fluid might interfere with the normal functioning of the brain and make you forget your memories.

deltaFosB not only triggers memory loss but will also the upset production of other proteins of the brain. Increase in the levels of deltaFosB suppresses production of other proteins including Calbindin. Co-author of the study, Dr. Jeannie Chin said, “More study needs to be conducted to find the relationship between seizures and consistent memory loss.”To come to the conclusion, researchers worked on rodents and closely observed if their seizures in their genes activate Alzheimer. The affected hippocampus region of the brain leads to memory loss or cognitive deficits. Researchers represented different processes of the hippocampus in the form of rhythmic cycles. Thousands of nerve signals are triggered and transmitted within a few milliseconds of time. Gyorgy Buzsaki says, “Hippocampal nerves are synchronous. This can put the region of the brain at high risk by sending an irrelevant and unnecessary messages to the other parts of the brain.”

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