Tesla Makes New Record In Delivery And Production Numbers In Third Quarter Despite Chip Shortages


Tesla has recorded a surge in the delivery of electric cars. The company made a new record in the third quarter. The electric car maker delivered 2,41,300 vehicles. The deliveries of vehicles quarterly are closely watched in the industry. It indicates the company’s growth. Besides, it provides data about the switching to electric vehicles than vehicles that run on traditional fuel. Electric vehicles form a small percentage of cars that run on roads. But there has been a huge demand for electric vehicles across the world. The EV industry has reported some handsome demand in recent times. Electricity has emerged as the fastest and clean source of energy. The road towards electric vehicles is long. But automobile companies have started switching to electric vehicles.

Tesla was founded in 2003. It is one of the leading electric vehicle makers in the world. The California based company is also a clean energy company. The company designs vehicles and manufactures as well. It also provides facilities for energy storage. According to the data released by Tesla for the third quarter, the company achieved a new record in terms of delivery and production. The delivery numbers is more than the previous record. The previous record was 2,01,250. This figure was achieved in the second quarter. The company had managed to maintain the delivery momentum despite chip shortages. Notably, the industry had seen sales slump. The last three months was not good. This was due to limitations in production. The production was disruption fur to supply chain issues.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had earlier told staff that it will be the craziest month for the company in terms of deliveries. He had hinted that the deliveries numbers could surpass the record. He even admitted that the company was facing production issues. Tesla vehicles buyers had reported delays in deliveries of bookings. Tesla’s business model adds the deliveries in each quarter. But issues surrounding the production posed a bigger challenge to the company. Tesla said that deliveries of the Model 3 and Y were overwhelming in the quarter despite logistical challenges. The two models accounted for more than 96 percent of sales.

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