Twitter Adds Topics To Spaces For Hosts To Tag Their Spaces With Existing 10 Topics


Twitter has announced to add topics to Spaces. Spaces is a new service by Twitter that allows users to have live audio conversations. The microblogging platform said that topics are available for hosts. They can now tag their Spaces. Twitter is allowing hosts to tag three topics related to the conversation. At present, Twitter provides only 10 topics. Hosts can select from these topics. They are limited to the English language only. The 10 topics are from different fields like business, sports, music, technology, and others. Twitter said that it will expand the topics list and languages. The feature is currently being made available to Twitter’s Android app. The company promised to expand to iOS.

The feature is similar to what Clubhouse offers to its users. Clubhouse users can also select topics and join clubs. The Clubhouse is an audio-based social media platform. It is an invite-only platform. It lets people talk in real-time across the world. It was launched in April last year. Twitter launched Spaces in the same year. It is seen as the rival of Clubhouse. Twitter wants to counter the growing popularity of Clubhouse by introducing new features to make conversations on the platform easier. Twitter was believed to be testing the feature since last year. Twitter provides the ability to accounts with minimum 600 followers to host a Space.

The company said that it is also bringing another new update to enable hosts to designate co-hosts for audio rooms. This will make it easier for hosts to manage conversations and moderate accordingly. The hosts can invite the co-hosts. They will have similar moderation. Besides, co-hosts will also have managing privileges just like the hosts. Co-hosts can speak, invite others to audio rooms. Invitees can speak, pin tweets, and more. Twitter is bringing new features to make Spaces popular and get a hold on the growing market. It recently added support to allow users to compose tweets directly from the Space. The tweets can be linked to audio chat.

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