Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta Program Button Is Live Now, Drivers Can Place Formal Request To Join

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Tesla’s much-awaited software update for Full Self Driving is finally live. The electric vehicle maker now allows drivers to request access to the Full Self Driving Beta button. The company in a statement said that drivers who wish to join the FSD Beta program can place a formal request. Once the company receives a request, engineers will load the advanced driver-assist system in the vehicle. Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself announced about the rolling out of the FSD request button. Tesla on several occasions delayed the launch of the Request FSD Beta button as testing was going on. Tesla said that it has added the button in its software update 2021.32.22.

Tesla said that the drivers will have to agree to certain terms and conditions before joining the FSD Beta program. The company said that it will collect and review the vehicle driving data through VIN. The company is also telling vehicle owners that they will be responsible for using the FSD button. Drivers will have to remain alert when the vehicle is in FSD mode. It has also asked the drivers to keep their hands on the wheel. This is necessary to take control of the vehicle at any time. Notably, Tesla has been at the receiving end of criticism from several quarters after its vehicles with the FSD package were involved in accidents.

Elon Musk has been advocating for an FSD for a long time. But his company has failed to deliver software that can drive a car on its own in a real sense. Tesla’s FSD requires human intervention to avoid mishaps. The FSD program was initially launched in 2020 to selected customers under the company’s early access program. Tesla even at one time admitted that fully self-driving technology is not feasible as it does not match engineering reality. The FSD that Tesla offers is current at Level 2 which is a semi-automated driving system. This requires constant supervision by a driver.

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