Online Video Streaming Platform YouTube’s App For Android Hits 10 Billion Download Milestone On Play Store


Popular video streaming platform YouTube has achieved a new milestone. Its app has been downloaded more than 10 billion times. The company said that its app for Android users has surpassed the 10 billion downloads mark on the Play Store. YouTube is a Google-owned platform. Its popularity saw a rise during the last one decade. The improvement in global internet speed helped the platform to add new users. Later, the introduction of 4G products and affordable devices like smartphones and tablets saw new people switching to YouTube to play their favorite songs and shows. YouTube is today the largest streaming platform in the world.

YouTube app for Android also becomes the first app to hit the 10 billion download mark on the Play Store. YouTube comes pre-installed on all Android devices. However, this is not the only reason to contribute to this massive figure. It is marginally bolstered by the fact that the app is pre-installed. The platform existed even before the Play Store’s initial release in 2008. YouTube was founded in 2005. Google acquired the platform in 2006. According to the company’s claim, the platform streams more than one billion hours of videos daily. Data show that YouTube’s website is the second most visited portal in the world. The first rank is held by its parent company Google.

YouTube started its operations as a small video streaming platform. It went on to become a mammoth that influences people, sets internet trends, and creates celebrities. The platform today has a huge social impact as well. YouTube’s business model has helped Google to fourfold its revenue. The platform no longer is dependent on the advertisement to generate revenue. It offers paid content also. This includes movies and exclusive content. In 2020, the American video-sharing platform reported revenues of USD 19.8 billion. Besides the website and app, YouTube has expanded its operations into network television. YouTube also acts as a social networking platform. Anyone with a Google account can watch and upload videos.

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