The Coronavirus Death Toll In Oregon Crossed 150


In the USA, the coronavirus death toll has crossed one lakh benchmark, and millions of people are still fighting against this deadly virus. Meanwhile, a recent report from Oregon state shows the situation is getting worse because the state reported death toll crossed 150. Oregon state health officials recently revealed that the number of people dying because of coronavirus now reached to 151 after they found out three people recently died. The testing of various people is increasing from the last few days, and the number of cases will also increase.

A recent report revealed by the state’s health officials shows they find 49 new coronavirus cases. Now Oregon State officially has confirmed 4086 coronavirus cases. If we consider the latest trends, then officials are thinking of seeing a spile in these numbers, yet as compared to other states, Oregon is performing pretty well. These new number of cases have been found in these counties- Wasco (1)Washington (12)Yamhill (2)Clackamas (4) Deschutes (1) Jefferson (1)Malheur (5)Marion (11)Multnomah (10)Umatilla(2). Multnomah and Washington County so far reported the most number of new cases, and health officials are trying to figure the actual reason behind it.

Oregon’s 149th death which happened because of coronavirus was a 73-year-old lady who tested positive on May 8. She died at her residence on May 16; reportedly she was facing various health issues. The 150th covid 19 death happened in Oregon was found to be a 73-year-old man who tested positive for the virus on May 6. This older man died at his own residence, and he also had some health issues which made him sick severely. Health officials are telling people not to go outside if it’s not needed, and follow the required precautions since the situation is still difficult.

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