Social Networks Fight Against Spread of Misleading Information Regarding Coronavirus


The fatal coronavirus continues to spread and devastate in China and worldwide. Meanwhile, misguiding information regarding coronavirus has started flooding various social media networks and platforms. On one side, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared coronavirus as a public health emergency. On the other hand, many social media kings are battling the epidemic by controlling the spread of false information and fake assertions online. Misguiding information on the latest strain of coronavirus is blooming on some platforms as a greater number of cases are emerging. Until now, the strain has affected 23 nations other than China. Even more, over 300 Chinese people have died due to the ongoing epidemic that started in Wuhan.

Amid this devastating condition, sensationalist deception regarding the fatal coronavirus is spreading over the web. Besides, wild conspiracy philosophies and misguiding thoughts continue to emerge on social networks. Thus social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are attempting to drive users towards fact-based and reliable sources of information. Reportedly, Twitter has ranged over 15 billion tweets regarding the epidemic in the previous four weeks. Whereas, Facebook has announced it is functioning to curb the spread of misinformation regarding coronavirus over the site. The social media giant has assured the removal of content having false assertions or conspiracy notions.

The latest policy of Facebook applies to both Instagram as well as Facebook. Also, the effort includes the removal of fake treatments or preventive measures or any statement that could mystify people regarding coronavirus. Notably, Instagram has restricted or banned posts having hashtags included for spreading information. The company said they intend to take out content that could result in physical damage over Instagram and Facebook. Kang-Xing Jin, head of Facebook health, said they are focusing on privileges intended to demotivate treatment or taking suitable precautions. The move includes statements related to fake therapies or preventive measures like consumption of bleach treats the coronavirus. Jin noted they would remove claims that lead to confusion regarding available health resources.

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