Twitter’s Share Prices Increased As Twitter Beats Daily Active Users Expectations


When it comes to social media there are many companies which are trying to get ahead of each other to create a monopoly; Twitter is also one of those companies. According to recent reports, it’s been found that Twitter has beaten many investors prediction of daily monetizable active users by a high margin and that’s the reason share prices of it has also increased. Twitter’s first-quarter earnings report shows that it has earned more than 786.9 million dollars of revenue as compared to the prediction of $775 million. Many analysts predicted that Twitter might not be able to generate that much amount of income since it’s monetizable monthly active users are not increasing, but that did not happen.

Twitter’s monthly active users have increased by more than 11% to 138 million which is a piece of good news for all those investors who have invested in Twitter. Twitter managed to give 37 cents per share earnings to investors as compared to analysts prediction of 15 cents only. From last few months, Twitter went through lots of controversial phases because many predicted that it might not be able to generate that much amount of revenue since its monthly users are not that much increasing. However, now it seems like Twitter has finally managed to find a way to get some right monthly active users by making some changes into its platform.

Jack Dorsey who is the CEO and also co-founder of Twitter is known for his unconventional way of handling business also that could be the primary reason why the company’s performance has improved a lot. A few days ago Twitter revealed that it’s not going to show data regarding how many monthly active users Twitter is having which shocked many investors. So it will be interesting to see how investors are going to react to future results especially when they are not going to get to know about the company’s active monthly users.

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