Paypal Decides To Invest More Than $500 Million Into Uber

Paypal Decides To Invest More Than $500 Million Into Uber

When it comes to investments, then tech startups are the right places for value investors to put their money and it seems like PayPal is doing the same thing. According to recent reports, PayPal has invested more than $500 million into ride-sharing startup Uber just before its IPO. As we all know Uber has already decided to go public and in the upcoming few weeks, it’s going list its shares which are going to make it a public company. However, just before that, it has received a considerable amount of funding from digital payment platform Paypal of more than half a billion dollars.

Uber’s shares are expecting to be traded in the price ranging from $44-50 with a valuation of more than $78 billion. Neither of these two companies has given a clear statement which would say the real purpose behind this new investment. This latest investment is going to help Uber a lot especially when the company is going through lots of hard phases. Uber has continuously been booked a considerable amount of losses which is making many of its investors worried. A few days ago executives of the ride-sharing company said that they fear Uber might never be able to make a single amount of money.

Now, this new investment might help it just before going public. Paypal, on the other hand, is on the verge of building a financial service empire which might take time, but with this type of investment, it will achieve that target soon. Paypal has been improving its performance from the last few months because the company has booked revenue of more than $4.30 billion for the previous quarter. Paypal might be another digital platform for some people, but for investors, it is becoming a valuable company which is making the right type of investments.

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