The Number Of Flu-Related Deaths Has Doubled In Indiana State


The flu season is hitting hard the USA, and so far many people have been hospitalized in the country because of the flu symptoms they received. However, the number of patients who have died because of the flu is also increasing which a concerning thing and Indiana is that state in which the flu-related death been doubled from last one week. The state officials state that they found various cases of flu from the previous couple of days, but the significant fact which they discovered is that flu-related deaths are now doubled in the state. Now the state has eight flu-related deaths, seven of these eight dead patients were more than 65 years old and remaining one was in the range of 50-64. If we compare to last week’s data, then the state recorded four flu-related deaths and since that the number is now doubled and many health officials are worried about it.

The flu seasons generally run from the May month but the activity level of flue from the last couple of days has been gone to the high from the moderate. The recent report state that the activity level as of now is average but widespread which means that the chances of getting flu in Indiana is more and health officials are working on it solve this problem. Health officials are making awareness regarding taking a flu shot because according to the officials if someone who hasn’t got the flu shot needs to get one right now immediately since the flu activity level could soon reach high.

The state’s health officials are also urging people to follow the precautions like hand washing or covering mouth which will prevent them from getting flu. If you’re a person who is living in the Indiana state then to not get flu you need to get the flu shot immediately and follow the precautions.

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