PUBG Coming With MoonLight Mode on Vikendi Map with Awesome Patch

PUBG With MoonLight Mode

Recently, the PUBG makers teased the Night mode to the PC players. Today, the team announced the Awesome patch, which will bring the Moonlight mode to the Vikendi Map for the Player Unknown’s Battle Ground players. The Players of PUBG on PC will receive the Awesome Patch soon which will enable the Moonlight mode for the  Vikendi map. The Moonlight mode is a little bit different from the Night mode. In this mode, the players will able to see the terrain easily as there will be a dim moon shining in the sky instead of pitch dark night.

As the players were discussing the release of the Night mode, the PUBG creators announced the Awesome Patch with the Moonlight mode. On the Twitter account of the game, the developers shared a sneak peek of the Moonlight mode with the nice aurora shining in the sky. The patch will come to the PUBG Test Servers on the steam in the next week. The players can access the Test servers to check out the New map with the Dark mode. Not just the Moonlight mode, but the new patch will bring the Snowbike for the players to move around the map easily in the snow.

The Vikendi is one of the few maps that are available for the PC version players. Since the release, it’s been one of the most played maps on the PC version and also the Mobile version of the game. The Vikendi map is not available on the PS4 and the Xbox One, but it is scheduled to release tomorrow for the console gamers. As of now, there is no information if the moonlight mode is available in the Vikendi map for the Console gamers.

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