Online Nintendo Switch Debuts in September’s Second Half

Online Nintendo Switch Debuts in September’s Second Half

Today Nintendo expressed out a reminder to let people know about the subscription service of Nintendo Online, which still exists. The service of Nintendo Switch Online releases next month, almost second half of September, and this Japanese company revealed some of the things its subscription has in store. Although, only minimum information is available for now, since the subscription based service will be coming with a library of NES games, with much more that will be integrated over time. For now it has only gave a casual reminder regarding service on Twitter to reaffirm about the launch.

With its launch on the second half of September, Nintendo fans can start planning things ahead of the launch of this new service. The Online Nintendo membership will include; Mario Tennis™ Aces, Splatoon™ 2, Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe, ARMS™, and much more. Players can also have an access to the games of Nintendo Entertainment System like; the legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros 3, and Dr. Mario along with some newly included online play. Players will also receive “Save Data Cloud” backup option that lets them save their game data online for an easy access in compatible games. This helps in retrieving the game data if somehow the system gets lost or start the game with a new one.

All of the players will also be getting access to the Nintendo Switch features on smartphones app and will get special offers. Additional details regarding Nintendo Switch Online along the accurate launch date will be declared closer to release date. Though, when the service starts Nintendo Switch owners will not become a member automatically, they need to purchase a family or an individual membership first, so that they can avoid disruption on any compatible games of their online play. Gamers those who aren’t sure they may go for the one month option first that’s worth $3.99. And for those who are sure they will be using it frequently can go for the 12 month membership that’s for $20 for the whole year. The Online Nintendo Switch is something new that the company is looking forward to.

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