Facebook Was Down For Some Time, Instagram And Whatsapp Also Got Affected

Facebook Was Down For Some Time, Instagram And Whatsapp Also Got Affected

If there’s one thing which everyone likes to do everyday, then it’s checking their Facebook feed because everyone wants to see what’s happening around them. However, the day before yesterday if you tried to access facebook and faced some problem with it then don’t worry because you’re not the only one who suffered that issue. Accordingly, Facebook went down for several hours on Tuesday also worldwide many users faced problems with it since they couldn’t log into their respective FB accounts. There has been no official statement given by Facebook regarding this issue, and still, we don’t know the exact reason behind such Facebook’s downfall.

However, other subsidiary Apps which facebook owns also got affected and Instagram, WhatsApp also went down for some hours. People got to know about it when Instagram tweeted that their service has been resumed. Facebook bluntly shows its response by saying they recognize this problem and working on it to resolve, but still, it faced some criticism from its users who shared some funny memes about this whole incident.

Many people reported what kind of problems they are facing while trying to log into their FB account yesterday through a site called Downdetector. It’s been noted that more than 11000 people reported that they are not able to access their Facebook account due to some technical issue, but by the end of 5 P.M. everything got resolved. Users who were facing problems show their rage on Twitter by posting error message which they were getting while trying to log into Facebook. One standard error message which was popping up for the majority of users was “Account temporarily unavailable.” Such type of technical issues have caused lots of problems for digital advertisers, and it seems like this also they have suffered some losses.

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