Scientists Achieve Time Reversal in Quantum Computer

Scientists Achieve Time Reversal in Quantum Computer

According to the law of physics, time always goes in one direction at one speed. The time cannot be reversed or even slowed, except at the Event horizon, which is the boundary of the Blackhole, where time is stretched, and all rules of physics are disobeyed. But in a recent experiment, the scientists achieved the unachievable and performed the time reversal for a tiny subatomic particle in the Quantum computer. The “Arrow of Time” as scientists love to pronounce the law of Time direction has been tweaked a bit in the Quantum realm. The scientists from Russia and the United States of America reversed the course of time for the subatomic Quantum particle.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Scientific Reports, researchers manipulated the direction of time using the quantum computer made up of two subatomic QuBits. In this experiment, the computer made with two subatomic particles named as QuBits performed the calculations, and that’s how scientists got to know that they’ve reversed the time. Scientists simulated the situation where they used a single particle and the wave function. The wave function is spreading out like a ripple in the pond over time.

Instead, the wave function spreading over time like a ripple in the pond, researchers controlled the event and reversed the time, contracting the wave function in reverse motion. This happened without any entropy or the defect or the phenomenon which might bend the time defying the laws of physics. The lead researcher on this project Valerii Vinokur noted that it is challenging to reverse the direction of time, but in the Quantum world, the same has just happened under controlled experiment. According to the research, the success rate of this experiment was 85 per cent with two QuBit particles, but with the third particle introduced to the computer, the success rate went down to 50 per cent.

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