Brian Acton Co-Founder Of Whatsapp Said Students To Delete Their Facebook Accounts

Brian Acton Co-Founder Of Whatsapp Said Students To Delete Their Facebook Accounts

Tech industry is seeing many new products, and many entrepreneurs are trying their best to create a solution for people’s problems. Brian Acton is that type of Entrepreneur who a few years ago invented Whatsapp with his co-founder and changed the messaging industry forever. However, Brian Acton recently came into news when he criticized Facebook and other tech companies which according to him are just profit-oriented entities. Brian Acton was called up by Stanford University for a guest lecture, and while addressing a group of students, he shared his thoughts about his entrepreneurship journey.

According to reports Brian mentioned how did he come up with the idea of WhatsApp and why did he sell it to Facebook and left FB also. Facebook is that social media company which now has almost monopoly over social media industry. It has also eliminated its biggest competitor WhatsApp after buying it for a massive amount of money. The report shows that Brian said Facebook and Google are those tech companies which are failing to provide valuable content to its users. He mentioned how Facebook had increased issues of data privacy among its billions of users with recent controversial data scandals.

Brian said that all of these companies have no right to monitor its users’ data and it’s common people who have given them such a big authority by buying their products and services. However, this is not the first time when Brian criticized Facebook regarding its data sharing policies because earlier also he criticized Facebook for a similar cause. Brian left facebook because of the company’s decision to monetize its platform which Brian did not like. Now by asking people to delete their Facebook accounts, Acton has made a controversial statement. We will have to see how Facebook is going to react to his speech.

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