Tesla CEO Elon Musk Promises To Bring Cyberquad That Will Be The Safest All Terrain Vehicle


Tesla is working on an electric all-terrain vehicle powered by batteries. The vehicle will be called Cyberquad. Tesla unveiled the concept in 2019 when it announced battery-powered Cybertruck. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has promised that the Cyberquad will be the safest vehicle in the quad category in the world. These vehicles run on low-pressure tires. The rider gets handlebars for controlling the direction. This is not the first time when Musk has made comments on Cyberquad. He previously talked about it at Cybertruck’s event in 2019. Musk in the latest comment said that the all-terrain vehicle has an interesting design challenge. Calling such vehicles dangerous, he said that the company’s objective is to find a design that will make an ATV least dangerous.

Musk also shared some details related to the company’s plans to manufacture the safest all-terrain vehicle. He revealed that engineers working on the vehicle are looking at having a very low center of gravity. The reason is that the battery will be down low. Engineers are also checking the feasibility of doing something with the suspension of the vehicle. For now, it doesn’t appear that Tesla has reached an advanced level of the vehicle’s design and engineering. Although Tesla unveiled the vehicle in 2019, it was reported that the prototype was a Yamaha Raptor ATV. Tesla converted it to battery-powered before the unveiling. It was converted to an ATV with a Zero Motorcycle powertrain.

Tesla got the trademark Cyberquad registered in 2019. Musk had then declared that the all-terrain vehicle will be made available as an optional accessory in late 2021. But now it seems that the company will take some time to make it happen. Meanwhile, Musk said that the supply chain issue has forced the company to delay the production of Cybertruck. Cybertruck is an electric pickup. He said that production will now begin in 2022 and the volume will increase in the subsequent year. According to Musk, the production of both Cybertruck and the ATV will be undertaken at the Giga Texas plant in Austin.

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