$39 Billion Bid for Sky by Comcast Brings Uncertainty on the Future of Disneyflix, Now TV, and Hulu


It’s over the weekend Comcast proposed a winning bid for the British broadcaster “Sky”, outwitting the proposal from Fox/Disney. Now, the industry looks forward to witness about, what will be the stake of Comcast in Hulu. Hulu; the US streaming service holding 20 million subscribers, shares ownership in three ways; 30% Comcast, 60% Fox/Disney, and remaining 10% AT&T. Analysts are fragmented over the question of  Comcast whether rolling out or retaining its 30% stake for Hulu. Both Disney and Comcast traded their win all summer in the battle against subscribers of European pay-TV and Murdoch-owned media content. Whilst the 21st Century Fox asset was won by Disney for $71 billion, Comcast probably will take over Sky-the British broadcaster for $39 billion. This recent triumph seems to crater the media giant turn against one another over the online-streaming’s future.

Comcast is more prone in holding onto Hulu, a source that’s similar with matter stated by Business Insider. Comcast on the other hand seems to be blocked by the British Takeover Panel from further making any agreements for trading the stake of Hulu for about 39% of the Sky, which is already purchased by Fox. Yet, on Saturday some unnamed sources state to CNBC that Comcast had an urge to discuss a sale made to Disney by Hulu. But some analysts find it difficult to understand such sales. Disney that already started off with its work on OTT service, entitled “Disneyflix” by the industry, which it hopes will be a rival towards the most popular streaming monster “Netflix”. Disneyflix is assumed to unveil at the end of the year 2019 that will include newly-owned content from Fox, along with Disney classics.

As per a research by analysts Comcast may strip of its stake in Hulu provided that this time it will have its own platform of “now TV”, and probably will have no further interest in grazing its content to either sides of its business or to a direct opponent. By building out Now TV Comcast might aim on a global Netflix opposition.

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