Guide to Keto Diet: Dos and Don’ts of Keto Friendly Diet

Keto Diet

With the much hype to stay fit and healthy in this modern, various types of diet plans are emerging. One such diet is the Keto-diet that is familiar for being restrictive. The low-carb, and high-fat diet routine allows one to get almost 10% of the daily calories coming from carbs; and the process of “ketosis” by which the body consumes fat as a source of energy, dieticians recommend in keeping carb intake between 20 to 30 grams/day. There are loads of discussions regarding Keto-friendly diet but what are the drinks and beverages that one can intake and cannot intake?

In the Keto-friendly diet, there are few restrictions, whilst some are absolute Keto-friendly drinks. Water is one of the best old options to stick by in the Keto-friendly drink category. On the Keto diet, one will have to cut out of their favourite sweet beverages. Here’s some guide to the healthy Keto-friendly beverages. A sports nutrition consultant and professor of exercise science at the Temple University in Philadelphia; Dr. Mike Israetel says that diet or a less to no added sugar fruit juice is allowed in the Keto diet as most of the fruit juices are high in carbs, so they are absolute no on the Keto diet. Many brands out in the market offer reduced sugar or diet juices that are low in carbohydrates.

Plain unsweetened tea or coffee like black coffee or tea is under Keto-friendly diet. Whilst drinking them with milk might cause an issue as one cup of whole milk contains almost 13 grams of carb. Shifting to soda, well it’s a no only if it says diet soda then that’s moderately accepted. Daily soft-drinks are don’ts in the Keto-friendly diet. Opt for diet Pepsi and sodas that has zero carbs in it.

Hard-core followers of Keto-diets need to cut out on hard drinks. Beer and Wine are full of high in carbs so one may stick to liquor or vodka or temporarily jump into low-carb mojito or margarita. Protein share are the ultimate yes in the Keto-diet for all the Keto-dieters in go-to breakfast.

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