Google Has Decided To Shut Down Their Messaging App Allo

Google Allo

In the tech industry, it’s not easy to sustain the losses, and that might be the reason why Google has now officially said that they’re going to shut down their unsuccessful messaging app Allo. Google has always been tried their best to produce some good innovative products, but it seems like everything which they had planned regarding Allo app has failed. Allo which was designed like a messaging app by the Google made its official launch two years ago now won’t be in service by the end of next year. The messaging industry is already being dominated by Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger app which many people love to use. Google, on the other hand, has tried their best to create a messaging to compete WhatsApp or messenger, but they’re continuously failing at it.

Running messaging apps is not that much easy because if there are no innovative features in it, then no person would like to use it. Google has already started their work to create another new messaging app which according to them will be different and will have more exciting features in it. Google has already officially declared a few days ago that the company is going to shut down their social media platform Google Plus because of the lack of users.

Google is already entering into many tech sub-industries because Google’s parent company Alphabet likes to have a diversified business. Even though the company is going to stop their not so popular messaging app Allo, Google thinks that they still can make an excellent messaging app as compared to their competitors and according to them they’re working on it. However, it will be interesting to see how Google with their new messaging app is going to compete with already established messaging apps like Snapchat, Messenger or WhatsApp in the future.

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