Researchers Unfolded The Myth Behind 10000 Steps A Day

Researchers Unfolded The Myth Behind 10000 Steps A Day

Many people want to have a healthy life, but majority of them don’t have it, and the one reason is because of unhealthy daily routine they follow. Many people think walking 10000 steps a day will keep them healthy and will increase their lifespan. But a new health study done by a group of researchers suggests that you don’t have to walk 10000 steps to stay healthy. In this study, researchers observed more than 17000 women who were aged 72. Those women who walked just 4400 steps daily reduced their risk of dying by more than 41% as compared to those women who walked only 1400 steps.

Even though the advice which researchers of this health study given are cliché it’s still relevant to some extent. Many people think they have to walk thousands of miles to get fitter, but that’s not true. If you strictly walk for a few KMs, then that would also add many benefits to your health. The lead researcher of this study said that they don’t want to see people working out continuously without knowing the benefits of healthy diets and exercises. This study has a demerit because it doesn’t show whether the same strategy of walking less but correctly help men.

Researchers studied only older women so as of now, they don’t know for sure whether same approach is going to work for men or not. On average, every American walks for more than 5000 steps a day, which means they are already fit. However, researchers think this whole concept of walking 10000 steps a day was a marketing gig which was popularized by to gain customers. It’s highly advisable to do exercises because physical activity will have lots of positive benefits mental and physical health of a person.

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