Huawei’s Smartphone Shipment Increased Amid Of Trade War


When it comes to the smartphone industry, China is that country where every tech company would want to have a significant dominance. Recent reports show that Chinese tech company Huawei has beaten analysts expectations. It has become one of the largest smartphones making companies in China and achieved 38% of the total market share. Reports show Huawei’s smartphone shipment has increased by more than 31%, which is far more extensive as compared to its competitors. Overall many tech companies like Apple, VIVO, Oppo failed to provide a significant amount of smartphone shipments.

However, the same did not happen with Huawei who had to face trade war and a ban from Trump administration. Apple, which is a top rival of Huawei, did not manage to catch a good percentage of market share in China’s smartphone industry. Apple’s smartphone shipment went down by 14%, which is because of the poor smartphone which the company has made along with trade war. However, local smartphone making companies like Vivo, Oppo also failed to compete with Huawei. Some tech experts said that the reason why Huawei has managed to get such success is because of the exceptional marketing strategy they have used here.

In the USA, Huawei faced many troubles, but they have managed to lead the company in local market very cleverly. Its rivals VIVO and Oppo couldn’t come up with the right type of marketing strategy plus innovative products, and that’s where Huawei succeeded. Huawei is continuously investing in offline sources, and that’s why it’s the only tech company which is going to launch 5G enabled smartphones soon. Apple, on the other hand, has performed drastically low, and there are various reasons behind it. However, one thing’s sure that Huawei now might get a required boost to launch its 5G enabled smartphones globally.

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