Health Study Found That Weekend Sleep is Not Good For Health

Weekend Sleep

People get busy with their lives and to finish their work they will get less amount of sleep during working days. However, few people think that by sleeping extra on the weekend they can mitigate the loss of sleep deprivation, but a new study proves such a thing is not possible. According to a recent health study done by researchers, it’s been observed that people who sleep more during the weekend might not reverse the health effects of losing asleep during the week. Nowadays people follow a wrong and unhealthy routines which will keep them wake in the night and such type of sleep loss can’t be nullified by getting extra sleep over weekends. Researchers from the University of Colorado did a health study on the sleeping behavior of people, and they concluded that an insufficient amount of sleep effects on people’s eating habits. A person needs to get a healthy amount of sleep to feel better and energetic because our brain needs rest after working for long hours.

Researchers observed various types of adults in this health study. According to them, they studied those people who sleep for more than nine hours during week and holidays. There was another group of people who slept for only five hours during the whole week without getting any extra sleep. The researcher took all participants blood and sugar tests to determine how a lack of sleep can affect a person’s health. One thing which they found common among these participants was that all of them said TV, Smartphones are sleep stealer due to which people don’t go to bed early. Many people have a bad habit of watching a movie or TV show before they go to bed early, but they spend of way too much time while doing those unproductive activities.

Health experts think a person needs to maintain a sleep diary to keep track of their sleep schedule. Because such notes will help people to overcome their bad habits which are preventing them from getting a quality lifestyle.

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