Pepsi Announces Chocolate Flavoured Limited-Edition ‘Cocoa’ Cola Soft Drink


Several cola flavours have hit the market over the years with varying degrees of success. Pepsi is known for experimenting with flavours and it surprised almost everyone by announcing a flavour inspired by Apple Pie. But the latest offering by the company tends to astound one and all. The company has announced its plans to launch new ‘Cocoa’ Cola. While the new flavour is all about cocoa flavour, the name suggests that the company is in the mood of taking a jab at its old pals Coca Cola. The plan to launch the hot drink with flavour of chocolate and a hint of marshmallow comes at a time when the winter season is moving towards its peak. The new drink is a winter-appropriate option for people with a sweet tooth.

So this is certainly going to be a delight for chocolate lovers and the company hopes to score well with the help of this latest offering. Todd Kaplan, marketing vice president of Pepsi, said that the year 2020 has been nothing by typical and therefore it is better to give some delicious taste to our customers. “Nothing can be more classic than hot cocoa and the added flavour of marshmallow will bring unexpected joy to the customers this winter season,” Kaplan said that the company is confident of nailing Pepsi ‘Cocoa’ Cola and eagerly waiting for fans to try it this winter.

While the drink could have been simply called Hot Chocolate Pepsi, the name is certainly chosen to troll their biggest rival. The company, which is launching the second soda inspired by a sugary treat this season, said that hot chocolate has been extremely popular this winter and this is why they decided to cash-in on its popularity. When pressed to reply whether the name some kind of trolling, Pepsi said that it simply tried to deliver a new delicious taste and the name reflects our effort in finding the new authentic flavour.

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