Facebook Rolls Out New Set Of Emojis On Messenger That Make Sound


An emoji in a text message helps inject a language. Emojis are in fact considered an alternative way to express nuances. Such signs are very common during informal talks on social media platforms. Almost all social media platforms today have a wide range of emojis for their users. To give a new kind of experience, social media giant Facebook is rolling out a new set of emojis. Although emojis are already present on the platform, what makes these emojis different from the existing ones is that the new emojis come with sound. It means that these emojis will talk. The company said that these emojis with sound will be made available on Messenger. It is called Soundmojis.

Facebook described Soundmojis as the next-level emoji. It said that sound emojis will add more color and vibrancy to conversations. Facebook said that sound emojis will allow users to express themselves more dynamically and say what words cannot in a Messenger chat. Users can send short sound clips in the chat. It will range from clapping, drumroll, evil laughter, and more. According to Facebook’s claim, more than 2.4 billion emojis are shared on Messenger every day. To access the Soundmojis, users will have to tap the smiley face in the chatbox. An expression menu will open. Facebook has added a loudspeaker icon in the Soundmoji library. This will provide a preview of emojis. Users can preview them before sending them.

Facebook said that it will regularly update the emoji library. It will add new sound effects. Each emoji will carry a different sound. It will make the conversation fun and create engagement. It will also provide an innovative window for people to stay connected. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the sound design team has done hard work to deliver the new experience to the users. The team sought inputs before adding a broader set of emoji reactions that talk. Meanwhile, a Bangladeshi cleric had recently issued a fatwa against using a Facebook emoji to mock people.

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