Microsoft will add Sandbox Feature in the Upcoming Windows 10 Insider Build

Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Build

There is a new and major update coming soon for the Windows 10, which will have the Sandbox feature. In the upcoming major upgrade in 2019, the Microsoft will release the  Sandbox feature with the Windows 10 OS. The Sandbox feature will help the users to run any application without affecting the entire operating system. The users always felt the necessity to utilize the third-party sandboxing apps to test some malicious apps on their computer. But, there is no need as the  Windows 10 will soon get the feature. Not just the Sandbox, but the Microsoft is supposed to reveal the lightweight version of Windows 10, which will be called as the Windows 10 Light.

The feature will be available for testing to the Insider preview users first. The Windows 10 19H1 Insider Build will receive the update in coming days for the testers and developers, and then it’ll make debut in the Public Release. The feature will come as the Standalone application, which is not activated by default for all of the users. But, the users will have to enable this feature from ‘Windows Features”. Once you enable and open the Sandbox application, it’ll launch the Windows 10 lightweight version, and then you can test any of the application inside the app. The sandbox will work as the Incognito mode for the third-party applications. Once you close the Window of Sandbox app, every data will be erased.

The Microsoft stated that the Sandbox feature uses the hardware-based virtualization for Kernel Isolation. That means the  Virtual environment in the Sandbox feature won’t affect the operating system. Whatever you do will be erased from the system once you close the application window. The announcement of the Sandbox feature is a much-appreciated feature from the Microsoft OS users community as the dependency on the third-party applications will go down.

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