Apple To Launch Three iPhones, Updated iPad Pros and Large-Screen Watch, Says Bloomberg


The rumor that Apple will be launching not one but three iPhones this year isn’t new. However, it seems that Bloomberg has some serious proof to back the claim and more. According to the latest report on the website, Apple is planning to launch three different iPhone devices, updated iPad Pros and an Apple Watch with a larger screen. The report has taken inputs from insider Apple sources and adds that the company is making some internal upgrades in the iPhones. The report also says that Apple will increase the price of iPhone devices so exponentially that $1000 may not be enough for purchasing the high-end variant. As per the report, Apple is all set to announce the devices in September itself.

As it happens, three variants of iPhone will be launched in September. There will be two large versions, one of them being an upgraded part of iPhone X. In addition to this, Apple is reportedly planning a cheap iPhone that has an LCD screen, instead of the high-end OLED. The cheap version will also have more color variants to choose from. It should be noted that the high-end iPhone variants are bigger than the ones seen so far. As of now, there are no reports on the name, since there’s a confusion between iPhone X Plus and iPhone Xs Plus. Coming to the features, all these iPhone devices will have gesture-based navigation and the exclusive Face ID feature by Apple.

Although the dates haven’t been confirmed, there are also reports that Apple will be launching the updated Watch and iPad Pros real soon. In addition to this, the tech giant is also working on a new pair of AirPods that will be out soon. Face ID is expected to be available in the upcoming iPad Pros as well. Hopefully, users will see the launch of the wireless charging mat as well.

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