Telegram Brings Voice Chats 2.0 With New Features To Facilitate Auditory Communication


Popular messaging app Telegram is introducing new features to grow its user base. The company has announced to launch a new Clubhouse-like feature. The feature in the question is Voice Chats 2.0. It facilitates auditory communication on the platform. It said that the feature comes with new improvements like recordable voice chats, rich lists of speakers, and listeners among others. Users can now conduct live voice chat sessions with the help of the latest feature in Channels. Telegram said that it has not set any limit on the number of participants. Telegram noted that the feature has existed on the platform since December 2020. However, it was limited for Groups.

Clubhouse is a social networking app. It is an invite-only, audio-based app for iPhone. It was launched in April last year. Users can create rooms and join and participate in discussions. Telegram said that admins of groups and channels can host voice chats. It said that millions can join the chat and listen live. To begin a voice chat, the admin of a group or channel will have to open the profile page and then select the Start option. The company said that the latest update brings the ability for admins to record the sessions. The audio file will be saved to the Saved Messages section automatically soon after the session ends.

Telegram said that when participants in a live chat session are muted, listeners can ask the admin if they wish to speak by just raising their hand. The company has also made changes for admins to recognize a participant’s credentials easily. The bios of participants will be visible to admins. Mentioning the subject expertise in the bio can help participants to get identified more easily. Admins can also create invite links. Clicking on these links will directly open the voice chat. Also, separate links can be created for both the speakers and listeners. Notably, several social media platforms in recent times have introduced a similar feature. Twitter also launched a new concept called Twitter Spaces to facilitate audio conversations.

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