US Study Finds Antibody Developed From Common Cold Reacts To Covid-19 Infection Efficiently


Antibodies fight against infection in a human body. Antibodies are developed naturally. It gives protection against multiple diseases. Doctors have been saying that a strong immunity can helps in fighting against SARS-CoV-1. SARS-CoV-1 causes Covid-19 infection. It is a respiratory syndrome. A strong antibody can stop the virus from invading. It can protect organs against infection. A new study has said that antibodies produced during the common cold react to Covid. While vaccines have been rolled out to develop antibodies against the virus, a natural antibody is said to be robust in providing a guard against infection. American US researchers said that they have discovered that a special type of antibody is produced in a person who is suffering from Covid-19 infection as well as common colds.

Researchers said that an advanced level of antibody is produced in such a patient. They said that this is the starting point for broader-acting vaccines against the virus. Researchers said that memory B cells induce to produce cross-reactive antibody. The cells circulate in the bloodstream. Researchers said that the cells remember disease threats. The cells are important component of the human immune system and circulate for decades. The cells are activated when the disease threat emerges again in the body. Memory B Cells are responsible for developing targeted antibodies in a patient. The study was conducted by researchers from California-based Scripps Research Institute.

The study said that cross-reactive antibody is produced such patients. It is produced when the memory B cell is exposed to Covid that causes the common cold. Researchers used electron microscopy to study how the cross-reactive antibody is produced. This cross-reactive antibody kills the virus. It is also effective against its variants. They studied the blood samples collected before the pandemic. They compared it with samples collected from Covid positive patients. The findings noted that prior exposure to Covid that causes common colds can have an impact on the levels of antibodies that are produced naturally when more serious infections emerge. The antibodies developed due to common colds work against the virus. The findings will have an implication on antibody treatment by vaccines.

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