Oregon Recorded More Than 100 Cases For 8th Day Consecutively

Coronavirus Effect

When it comes to recording new cases of coronavirus, it seems like Oregon is creating new records every day. Because for the 8th consecutive Day, Oregon recorded more than 100 occurrences in a single day. Oregon’s health officials have data talking about recording 148 cases on Thursday, which makes the 8th consecutive day of witnessing more than 100 new cases a day. The death toll is also increasing, and four older adults reportedly died of coronavirus. Two older adults from Clackamas County aged 87 and 89 found to be dead. Even from Marion County, people aged 78 and 82 died of coronavirus latestly.

After considering this new number, the total death toll now reaches to 187 in Oregon state. The number of cases are increasing at a rapid rate after the government decided to reopen the economy. Now Oregon has confirmed 6366 cases of coronavirus in the state, which are going to be further increased after looking at the current trend. These new cases of coronavirus were found in 16 different counties of Oregon. Health officials are carefully studying the reason behind such an increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Oregon. According to them, reopening of the workplaces, restaurants operating, family and friends gatherings are reasons this state is witnessing such an increased number of patients.

The latest reporting of the highest number of coronavirus cases happened in Union County’s church. It’s said that this church alone infected more than 238 people with co0ronrvaiurs. The reason was it hosted a graduation and marriage ceremony where people gathered and got the infection. Multnomah and Marian are those two counties that now have more than 1000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. This number increased just after the reopening of restaurants, workplaces happened. Health officials are advising people to follow necessary precautions in these hard times.

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