Twitter Released Its Fourth Quarter Ending Reports Which Shows That It Has Beaten Analyst Expectations

Twitter Fourth Quarter Ending Reports

Twitter has been in news from last couple of days because many analysts were predicting that company might earn less amount of revenue and profit for fourth quarter endings. However, the company has beaten everyone’s expectations because it has managed to make a $909 million of revenue as compared to analysts prediction of $868.1 million which shows that company has successfully kept it business ongoing even after facing some controversies.

Before releasing its fourth-quarter earnings report, some analysts were predicting that it will see a downfall in its overall subscription base, but it did not happen. According to reports, Twitter has 321 million active users, and it matched with analysts expectations. However, the company did not reveal good results for 2019 because it’s expecting to increase operating cost by more than twenty percent. Soon after Twitter’s officials said that they’re expecting to increase their operating costs Twitter’s shares did not perform well on the stock market as they fell by more than five percent.

Twitter is hoping to change its platform for a better user interface; also it might add some new features which will increase its monthly active users. However, soon after company said they might earn a less amount of revenue in first quarter of 2019 its shares went down. Investors seem to be worried about the company’s financial situation, and that’s why they’re skeptical about its future performance. On the other, hand equity shareholders managed to get an EPS of 31 cents as compared to analysts prediction of 25 cents only. So far this quarter has brought a piece of good news for company, but its plans are making investors a little bit worried that’s why Twitter’s shares have gone down.

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