HBO Released First Episode Of Game OF Thrones Season 8

HBO Released First Episode Of Game OF Thrones Season 8

The winter is finally here! HBO a few hours ago streamed the first episode of game of thrones season 8 now fans are going crazy after watching it. Many fans around the world are waiting to watch the first episode of season 8, and since we have watched it, we are going to give you some short review of it without providing any significant spoilers. The episode starts with Jon Snow arriving at Winterfell with Queen Daenerys Targaryen along with two dragons and an army of unsullied. We see Arya watching her brother Jon Snow coming with two large dragons and later reuniting with him. In this episode, you will be able to see many reunions, but the major one is Jon Snow meeting with his disabled brother Bran and his sister Arya.

However, Jon Snow did not get the warm welcome which he was anticipating because many northerners are not happy with him for “bending” knee before the Queen Targaryen. One of the key people who don’t like this new couple is Sansa Stark. On the other hand, Euron Greyjoy gets what he wanted, and that’s Cersei’s permission to give her happiness. However, we are still unclear about the real intention of Cersei since the army of dead has already broken down the wall. Jon Snow who is trying to convince all people of Westeros to unite has to face another big problem when he meets Sam. At the end of last season, we got to see the true parentage of Jon Snow and that he is not a bastard but a true heir to the Iron Throne.

When Sam tells Jon that he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark he gets what everyone expected and that’s a shock. Now Jon snow is in a great dilemma since he will have to confront his new love Daenerys Targaryen if he wants to claim the Iron Throne. As of now, that’s it folks, but at the end of this episode, we saw Jaime arriving at Winterfell and getting some unexpected reaction when he meets Bran Stark. The next episode is going to be aired next Monday, and we will be posting every detailed thing about season 8.

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