Apple Watch Series 8 May Include Body Temperature Measurement

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Kuo said that Apple faces difficulties in implementing its body temperature feature. Since skin temperature can change quickly depending on outside conditions, and the watch needs a really good algorithm to do this, Kuo stated.

There have been many rumors about the Apple Watch Series 8 featuring a body-temperature sensor. Ming-Chi Kuo a Apple analyst claims that Apple wanted to implement the body temperature monitoring feature in Watch Series 7 by itself, but couldn’t due to the inability to optimise the algorithm. Accordingly, it is expected that the tech giant will release it in its upcoming watch series. Also read Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Garmin Vivomove Sport smartwatches and Apple HomePod Mini.

Kuo then shared more details on the challenges facing the company in his tweet. Kuo’s tweet said, “The problem in implementing precise body thermometry is that skin temperatures quickly vary depending on the outside environment.” Smartwatches cannot measure core temperature in hardware. It needs an excellent algorithm to work together.

Apple will need to make sure that it meets the highest quality standards for the Apple Watch Series 8 before mass production begins. Kuo said that Samsung also had to deal with the same problem. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will likely come with an integrated thermometer. Kuo wrote in a tweet that “Unlike other media reports, I think Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (2H22) might no longer support the body thermometer measurement due to algorithm limitations.”

The Apple Watch Series 8 could get a faster chipset and better activity tracking features. These include sleep tracking, which could detect advanced patterns and sleep-disordered sleep. Although the watch might see some design improvements, it may not see major changes in terms of design. In addition, reports indicate that the Watch Series 8 might get a car crash detection system.

Apple thought about shipping the Apple Watch Series 7 featuring body temperature measurement features. However, it was unable to optimize the algorithm. The sensor may now be available on the Apple Watch Series 8.

MingChi Kuo, an eminent analyst, claims that Apple has dropped the body-temperature measurement feature for the Apple Watch 7 because the algorithm failed qualification before entering the EVT stage. Kuo believes that Apple Watch 8 will be capable of measuring body temperature within 2H22 if it meets Apple’s strict standards before mass production.

Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to launch later in the year. It will, however, bring about some fundamental changes to its features. Bloomberg says that the 2022 Apple Watch may be the biggest Apple Watch since the original. It is likely that the Apple Watch Series 8 has advanced features like a body thermometer, which was long anticipated, and better activity tracking.

Samsung has the same dilemma that Apple. Some reports had suggested that the Galaxy watch could come with a temperature sensor, but Kuo says otherwise. He claims that South Korean tech giant Samsung is still far behind in its algorithm. Accordingly, it’s unlikely that their next watch, expected to launch in the second quarter of this year, will include this feature.

The Apple Watch Series 8 could include a updated S8 SoC as well as improved sleep tracking. It may also have the ability to detect advanced patterns and sleep disorders. The new Apple Watch will likely have the same screen size and features as its predecessor.

Apple’s wrist temperature tracking is crucial

It is possible to monitor your skin temperature for many reasons. If you train hard, a higher body temperature could mean that your recovery is slow and that you need more time off. It can also be used to diagnose illness and infection. However, it isn’t a reliable indicator. It’s also useful to track ovulation. In a paper, it was found that wrist skin temperature can be measured continuously while you sleep. This is a good way to determine temperature shifts in menstrual cycles.

Other fitness trackers can also measure body temperature overnight using the Oura smart-ring, which is reportedly accurate to 0.13C. So what’s stopping Apple from releasing this product?

Bloomberg previously reported by Mark Gurman that the Apple Watch would soon have a skin temp sensor. However, this would only be used for fertility monitoring. Gurman said that Apple is indeed working to monitor body temperatures, but that the feature won’t be ready until fall, even though the sensor may already be onboard.

The Apple Watch Series 8, along with the new Apple Watch SE, is expected to be released in September. The watch will be larger and more rugged than ever, with the possibility of a low-power mode. This is part of watchOS 9.

Let’s not increase our temperature the pros and cons of the performance of this watch. Let’s wait and watch the performance of this WATCH. Apple has always kept itself way above the parameters when it comes to spell and speak their performance. Definitely with the pros and cons, the fitness conscience people would definitely would like to take advantage of its unique feature. Anything with heat is in!

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