Major Companies Including Cloudfare, Microsoft, Facebook Went Down For Some Time

Major Companies Including Cloudfare, Microsoft, Facebook Went Down For Some Time

The internet broke down for some time yesterday when users couldn’t access big sites. Last week Verizon caused a major BGP misrouted that took Cloudflare down for some time. However, yesterday because of the company’s own fault, Cloudflare went down again for more than a few hours. Users couldn’t access it, and they were continuously getting widespread HTTP 502 error on their desktop. On the other hand, Microsoft Office-365 also witnessed multiple hours of downtown when the service was available for only selected ISPs, and others couldn’t access it.

Facebook and related platforms Whatsapp, Instagram also faced a problem of not displaying any images to its users because of bad timestamp data, and people witnessed HTTP 403 error. There is no clear report of how many people see this error, but one thing’s sure that they couldn’t see any images for a while. On Whatsapp here were many rumors going on that the error is going to last for a few days, but the company fixed it at the right time and said the problems had been solved. Twitter users for some time couldn’t send any messages, and it appears that people living in the Eastern United States and Europe faced it a lot.

The report also shows that many users in North America also met the problem of Twitter DM outage yesterday. There are no clear reports released by twitter officially on this matter like how many users got affected, but experts predict that it might happen again. There is no clear linkage between all of this outage, but one can say that this week was really and for all internet users. In a nutshell, it seems like this was a bad day for all the engineers who work in these big companies.

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