Google’s Subsidiary Company Verily Is Working On A Project To Make Mosquitoes Extinct

Mosquitoes Extinct

Mosquitoes are those insects which consume your blood and leave lots of bacterias in your body to make you sick, also as of now, many health companies have made many good products which stop mosquitoes attacking to human bodies. But currently, Google has also planned to contribute into the better environment because Google’s subsidiary company Verily has recently announced that they are working on a project to make mosquitoes extinct. Verily is a health research company which is owned by the Alphabet and from last few years they are working on many innovating health projects to solve the health issues. If there’s one thing which everyone hates, then it’s the irritating sound of the mosquitoes also these little insects creates many dangerous diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and tech giant Google is trying to extinct this creature.

Alphabet which is a parent company of Google which is trying their best to enter into health and science industry, and that’s why they have started so many good projects on health issues which will solve tons of significant health problems. However, this project which is going to be lead by Verily might have to face lots of difficulties because according to the tech and business experts it’s not that much easy to make such kind of device which will ultimately extinct mosquitoes. From many years the scientists are working on to solve the problem of mosquito biting, but very few of them got any major success so it will not be that much easy for the company to produce and sell that device which will eventually vanish mosquitoes.

There are many dangerous diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya which can be caused because of the mosquitoes. According to a health report it’s been estimated that there are more than 700000 people who die because of these tiny insects. So if Verily succeeds in their project, then it would be a great achievement for the company because they will be able to save lots of human lives.

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