Instagram Introduces New Branded Content Feature For Creators To Expand Revenue Options


Popular photo-sharing app Instagram has added the new Branded Content Tags. It is available for both Reels and Live videos. According to Instagram, the new feature is aimed at expanding its revenue options for creators. According to Instagram, creators will be in a position to clinch more deals with brands. This way, they can generate immediate revenue from Reels content and Live videos. The statement said that Instagram wants creators to disclose when they are creating branded content on the platform. It added that branded content advertisements in Stories would support tappable elements. It means that creators can include details like location, mentions, and hashtags.

However, the Facebook-owned company said that branded content ads could only be created using the existing posts. Ads could be created using such posts by promoting. Instagram said the feature will show the name of the brand in Reels just below the creators’ name on the screen. In Live also, Instagram has taken a similar approach, adding that it will be displayed on the top left corner. Meanwhile, Instagram has brought a new tool for creators and businesses to choose a minimum age for viewing their content. They can set a minimum age for specific countries as well. It has also introduced a feature to promote branded content with product tags. This will come as a handy for brands as they will be getting get more value for their content and expand the reach. Another benefit will be that it will make it easier for users to purchase products directly from creators.

Additionally, Instagram has also announced to launch a new workflow. This will let advertisers create branded content advertisements. It will not require creators to share the content organically on the platform first. The new workflow will enable advertisers to send requests for ad creation access to the creator. Creator will have to accept it. Advertisers will then receive a notification. Once the ad is approved by a creator, the ad will become live by the brand. This will cut the process significantly as creators will not require posting the branded content ad organically on Instagram.

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