Space – X is Reinforcing its Plan for Human-to-Mars


Elon Musk founded Space – X in 2002 with an aim to putting humanity a species in multiple planets. The Company is building a big reusable rocket combined with a spaceship that is called the BFR in order to achieve his ambitions. The BFR is designed to carry human folks to and from Mars in addition to other similar planets in the space at an affordable cost so that many individuals other than a few moneyed men would be able to undertake the journey.

Unlike the transcontinental railways opened the development to the American west, the BFR would open settlements on Mars. The Company based out of California is understood to have held a workshop on Mars at the University of Colorado Boulder on August 7th & 8th. The event is said to be a private affair and has invited a number of scientists and Engineers from various institutions including that of some key persons from the Mars exploration program conducted by NASA. The workshop is aimed to discuss the capabilities of the BFR and technologies required to establish a settlement that can survive on Mars.

Space – X with the aid of this meeting anticipates engaging more closely with NASA and the other scientist community who have been researching on the possibilities for decades. In all possibilities, this meeting is going to open the road to success of the mission for a self-sufficient settlement on Mars soon. Aerospace giants like Ball Aerospace, United Launch Alliance, Sierra Nevada, Digital Globe and Lockheed Martin are into the research and workforce development with am to conduct next-generation science payloads and missions throughout the solar system. It looks pertinent that many scientists from NASA who research the Red Planet and the possibility of sending human beings to it are likely to be part of the workshop. Nevertheless, Space-X and NASA have a very good understanding and relationship through the commercial crew and cargo program in order to ship people and provisions to the international space station.

Both armed with the private investment of Space-X and public wealth of NASA are geared to develop huge rockets that will make it possible for human beings to fly into deep space.

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